Ecologic Trolley 16 - 30

Product code ECOTROLL
Category Three-phase turbine exhausters
Side-channel blower units. Systems designed to take in dust resulting from sanding primer and fillers during surface treatment. They feature a double cartridge filtering system: the first cartridge holds most of the dust and is cleaned by a timed pneumatic rotary nozzle; while the second cartridge (Hepa with build-up) holds the finer impurities that are still in the air flow. This product is specifically designed for the firms that do not have a well-defined sanding area or in case it is not possible to install a centralised dust suction system. Dust is taken in and conveyed to a nylon bag which is very easy to remove so that collecting the dust is simple. The machine features a device for real-time check of the Hepa cartridge efficiency. As option, a two-drawer module is available, for installation on exhauster top part.
Also available with certification: II 3/- D Ex h IIIC T100°C Dc X

Technical specifications

Power kW 1.6 3
Max flow rate m3/h 210 320
Max depression mbar 200 270
Filtering wall m2 4 4
Noise level dB(A) 70 73
Weight kg 185 200
Dimensions 1229 x 716 x h 1289 1229 x 716 x h 1289