Product code SMDH
Category Three-phase turbine exhausters
These are groups with side channel blowing technology designed to take in dust resulting from sanding primer and fillers during surface treatment. They feature a cartridge filter, cleaned by a timed pneumatic rotary nozzle. The aspirated dust is conveyed into a hopper, emptied by an external fan.
The connection of this fan takes place on two timed Ø100 air locks that open when the engine is switched off, emptying all the accumulated dust.
The machine features a device for real-time check of the cartridge efficiency.
The machine is equipped with an ATEX 300x300 mm anti-explosion panel.
The machine is complete with a vacuum limiting valve to protect the motor.
A version with a standard dust collection tank is also available.
Also available with certification: II 3/- D Ex h IIIC T100°C Dc X

Technical specifications

ModelSMDH 8.5SMDH 12.5SMDH 18.5
Power kW 8.5 12.5 18.5
Max flow rate m3/h 1050 1050 1050
Max depression mbar 210 290 360
Filtering wall m2 14 14 14
Noise level dB(A) 75 75 75
Weight kg 570 590 620
Dimensions 2260 x 715 x h 1780 2260 x 715 x h 1780 2260 x 715 x h 1780