Product code SRMONOM
Category Service control units

These control units are the final part of the CAV centralised dust suction system, i.e. a handy control interface at the work place, suitable for the remote starting of the suction unit. They feature all utilities required for operation in industrial environments and car body shops (compressed air, power supply and suction).

Shared technical features:

  • 1 compressed air governor with pressure gauge
  • 1 suction inlet with air lock opening and microswitch

Technical specifications

ModelPower Outlet
230V 16A
Power Outlet
400V 16A
Power Outlet
400V 16A 5P
Power Outlet
400V 32A
Power Outlet
400V 32A 5P
SR Mono M1    10
SR Mono M2     10
SR Mono M3     10
SR Mono M4     10
SR Mono M5     10