Turbine suction

Turbine suction technology is based on a side channel blower system. The principle implemented in liquid pumps is applied in compressors and vacuum pumps.

Using this principle a series of blowers with maximum reliability has been developed.
The difference in pressure is obtained through continuous and progressive centrifugal-rotary exchange of the volume of fluid conveyed between the impeller and the peripheral toroidal channel during just one pass.
The toroidal channel is interrupted on the body between the suction inlet and the delivery mouth by a labyrinth sealing zone that allows only the passage of the impeller.

Due to the particular operating principle in these machines there are no parts in contact between rotor and stator. The operation is frictionless, without wear, without the need for lubrication, and the conveyed fluids are free of any pollution.

For these reasons there is no need for maintenance, maximum silence is guaranteed, there are no vibrations and stability is proven.